What You Want to Know About Euphoric Xtreme


What made you want to start a clothing brand?

  • It was October of this year and Lydia was working at Brandy Melville in Hingham. Her friend Paige was working there too and they began to talk about what it might be like to leave and start their own thing. Looking for a new type of work environment they decided to end their time at Brandy and pursue their own business. Both wanting to enter careers in the fashion industry when they’re older, they felt this was the perfect time to give this a shot. In doing so they were able to create a company that would be more environmentally conscious, unlike a lot of fast fashion companies that mass produce cheap product, often selling in only one size.

What’s your favorite thing about being in control of your own company?

  • Lydia’s favorite thing about being in control of her own company has been the creative liberty she has. Along with this new freedom to create what she wants, she can control how their clothes are promoted, too. Running the @euphoric Instagram has been a highlight of this experience, as well as now being able to cater to the wants of their clientele. The company can take requests and switch up what they want to put out for the public.

What’s been the most surprising thing about this experience?

  • Lydia never expected to have the support they do now. Right at the start, the followers and support from people was unexpected and helped them get to where they are now. Another crazy part of this has been actually seeing people wearing their clothes. Getting tagged in photos and seeing that their product is making people happy has been an awesome and surprising part of this experience.

Who is your fashion inspiration?

  • “God I have a lot.” And while this is true, Lydia shared with me some her top inspirations. Haley Bieber, Zendaya, and Hunter Shafter were all quick to be listed off. She finds their style unique and unexpected. Zendaya for example can bring streetwear to a new level by styling things in a different way.

How’d you choose the name for the company?

  • The inspiration for the company name actually came from the tv show Euphoria. They wanted a name that grab people’s attention, wanting to make the brand “xtreme.” When you think of the name they want “a whole glitter, trippy look” to come to mind thinking of the bleach-dyed and tie-dyed designs.

Has the brand developed since you began?

  • “Yes! A lot!!” At the start of this they focused on thrifting items and unloading them immediately. As times gone on, they’ve started to theme releases – bleaching a lot of items, and more recently turning the focus to denim. As they’ve developed, more planning has gone into weekly releases and they’ve been able to produce more of what people want. Another big development has been shipping stuff everywhere, “we’ve also made a ton of new friends at the post office!”

How do you plan to run this business during college?

  • While no final decisions have been reached about how they’ll go about managing this company in college, for now there is no need to worry about how you’ll get your Euphoric product. The plan is to go crazy with business over the summer, and stalking up Cattivo in Scituate before the summer ends. People can shop before leaving for school. Next year Lydia plans to study marketing while Paige is studying fashion. While they’re learning new skills and techniques there will probably be a break period, at least in the fall. But do not worry because Euphoric will be back, hoping to release more college apparel as their clientele moves onto college.

How do you want to pursue fashion after college?

  • After college, Lydia plans to pursue her own business. If you’re already a follower go her @lydvibes account on Instagram you may be seeing sneak peaks of what’s to come in her future. Running her own online store could eventually be the goal, while working for a big fashion company like Vogue – doing graphic design, photoshoots, and designing product. Regardless she plans to travel for both fashion and art, getting a chance to see the world.

Any last words?

  • “Tag us on instgram @euphoricxtreme and shop Euphoric @euphoricxtreme and contact Euphoric euphoricxtreme@gmail.com for business inquiries and follow @lydiawoodgate on all social media and check out @lydvibes for a sneak peak of what’s to come”