A Recap of Paris Fashion Week


With new awareness sprouting about climate change, sustainability has now hit the runway. Paris fashion week took place from September 23rd to October 1st and was full of exciting new looks. Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen upcycled materials used in her and Lee McQueen’s previous collections. She also had many people embroider images produced by Central Saint Martins students. It is important to incorporate handwork which represents time and care used in creating great pieces.

Smaller designers, on the other hand, are also getting more appeal. This is thanks to our generation rebelling against giant corporations. Initiatives like this gives greater hope to smaller and young labels with big dreams. Traditionally, mega brands dominate fashion week, but up-and-coming designers brought a new perspective.

This fashion week also brought fun new shapes and colors to traditionally minimalistic labels.

Vintage pieces are also coming back into style for the 2020 Spring Collections. See below for a flashback to the 50s and 60s with the cat-eyeglasses and curly updo hairstyles. The coats are also a nice touch for modernizing the look and giving it a fresh perspective.

Flowers are also a popular choice and have been broadcasted in different and exciting ways within Paris fashion week.

2020 Spring collections in this year’s Paris fashion week have given hope to new generations with dreams of beginning their own labels. Opportunities for small designers in the industry are so important in providing new perspectives and ideas on fashion. This is showing buyers and customers that it is okay to branch out and buy based on desired looks instead of popular brand names.