Doing Things with Connaught: Episode 2


Ep 2: Snowboard Shopping 


I know that my last article was titled, Cooking with Connaught, however, I didn’t cook this week so Im going to change this into a more general series. This is solely because I am too lazy to cook something every time I need to write an article 


It’s that time of year again! When everyone who skis will remind you that they’re going, they went, or they love skiing. Constantly. To honor this time, I went shopping for a snowboard.  

I used to ski when I was very little but that only lasted until my brother decided he wanted to play basketball in the winter. We couldn’t go anymore because of his games every weekend, including breaks. Last year, after my brother went to college, we rented a cabin and were able to ski again. I decided that I wanted to switch from skiing to snowboarding, solely because I watched Cloud 9. After a week of constantly falling down, taking classes with 13-year-olds, and even spraining my wrist I, for some unknown reason, decided snowboarding was for me.  

Anyway, my mom and I went to the ski shop in Quincy to buy a new snowboard. Walking in I felt like I was in that Oaken shack from Frozen. The walls were all wood and covered from head to toe in ski apparel. I had a very excited Bill help me through the whole process of buying my board, and the fifty other items I also apparently needed to buy that were separate from the board, as well as another employee who just kind of followed us around talking about how she liked to ski. I am still not quite sure what her job was, but she was very nice! Once Bill got my height and weight, he pulled out a total of 5 boards that I could choose from, the majority of which wouldn’t be good because they were built for men. Of the choices, I narrowed it down to two, a plain black board and a neon pink one. I decided that since all of my other equipment was black, I probably shouldn’t also buy a black board. Once I chose the neon pink one, I also needed: boots, straps, gloves, and a rubber stopper that I’m still not sure what it’s for. I finally bought all of the very expensive equipment, seriously I did not know that gloves could be so expensive, and I am now ready to bring up to anyone and everyone that my ski trip is this weekend.