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Spring & Summer Fashion Trends

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Spring & Summer Fashion Trends

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Now that winter is coming to an end, and spring and summer are around the corner, it’s time to think about what we are going to wear in the coming months. This list serves as inspiration for what to buy and wear in spring and summer. Some of these items have surprised me, but get ready to shop these 10 trends of spring and summer 2019.  

  1. Bucket hats 

Bucket hats are really in style at the moment, according to current runways. However, they are expected to have a short shelf life!

2. Suits  

Suits are taking the world by storm and they seem to be here to stay. The shorts suit is expected to be really popular for the summer.


3. Tie-dye  

This trend immediately became popular since it hit the runways. If you want to buy it, you should buy it sooner rather than later!