Christmas Break Boredom Busters

Christmas Break Boredom Busters

The holidays are a great time to spend with family and friends….With our nearly two week break just beginning I know we will all run into some times of boredom once the hoopla of the holidays is over. So, I’m here to hopefully help you out in how to fill your time if you end up in this rut.


1. Try Out a New Recipe

Head over to Pinterest and look up some recipes. It could be anything from sugar cookies to tacos or some other holiday snack. Whatever your heart desires to create for the people you love.

2. Read a Book

Enjoy the break from school work and read your favorite genre. Maybe a good YA romantic book, scifi, or fanatasy is calling you today.

3. Play a Game

Dust out the deck of cards and decide on a game to play depending on the number of people you mustered up to play with you. With a standard deck of cards you can play go fish, war, or nerts, a personal favorite of mine.

4. Ice Skate, Ski, Snow Boarding

Get out into the fresh air and get some exercise. You can go into Boston’s frog pond or to Blue Hills to get into the ski or snowboard scene whatever you prefer.

5. Mad Libs

Enjoy this throwback that is bound to make everyone laugh.

6. Sleep

You thought this wouldn’t be on the list, but it is a necessity to catch up on sleep. Just don’t sleep your two weeks away.

7. Hang Out with Friends

This is a great time to hang out with town friends or see NDA friends outside of school. Maybe even do one of these activities with them.

8. Go for a Drive

For our licensed readers go for drive. I personally like to turn up my music and drive by the beach. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and maybe some good company potentially too.

9. Bowling

This one you don’t even need to brave the weather for. Head to your local bowling alley with friends or family and enjoy an afternoon full of laughs together.

10. Live Spontaneously

If I missed something you think is a good boredom buster this is your spot.