Cuvilly Corner: Wordle!


Have you heard of Wordle? Wordle is an online game that has become viral in 2022!  It has been acquired by The New York Times but was created by engineer Josh Wardle. Wordle is becoming more popular every day. This game is so simple, only consisting of a few rules.  Every 24 hours there is a new word of the day, and it is your job to figure out what it is. You have six tries to guess any 5-letter word. If the letter turns green it is in the correct place, yellow, it is in the word but in the wrong place, and if it turns grey then it is not in the word at all.

Why is this game so popular? According to the New York Times, over 300,000 people play it daily. There is only one puzzle per day, and you get one shot, no resetting. This causes suspense and hooks the players to keep playing each day! Many people like sharing their results and talking about it. Adding on to that, it takes seconds to share your results online. You can text it to your friends and family or share it on social media.

Why should you play it? Even though it may be just a word game, each day you could be learning something new. It challenges yourself motivation and is a test to see if you can figure it out on your own. Since it has been taken over by the New York Times, players of the game have reached out and explained how it is harder to guess the words. Sometimes the word can be so simple and other times it can be a word you may not have known. How fast you get it can go either way.

Overall, this viral game Wordle is very compelling, it can be a great thing to get your mind going, it can challenge you, and you can talk about it with family and friends!