How to Escape 3rd Term Gloominess


I don’t know about you, but the months of third term always feel the longest. As a senior, I have especially started to feel a lack of interest. The combination of bad weather and stress in this time period is bumming me out. So, if you feel the same way, I have compiled a list of things that you can do to stay in good spirits and (try your best) to finish the year off as strong as you started!  

  1. Compile a new playlist: Music always plays a major piece in my motivation. Last week, I made a new “FEELING GOOD” playlist with a new mix of my jams. Although I do already have various playlists, having a fresh mix of new and old songs really helps cheer me up. Also, the more songs you have, the less likely you will get sick of older tunes.  
  1. Make more “me time”: One of my biggest mistakes as an underclassman (and sometimes even now) is neglecting to make time for myself. Of course, everyone has various responsibilities and duties. However, no one can do their best work if they are not prioritizing themselves. Whether you meditate, work out, draw, cook, etc.… do something that can clear your mind of the stress! I know after clearing my mind, I am more motivated and complete my responsibilities much more effectively. Just make sure you find the right balance! 
  1.  Stay out of the drama: Drama adds unnecessary negativity and stress. You don’t need that. Of course, it’s probably impossible to stay completely out of it, but try not to be associated. Not everyone is going to like you. Be kind and only stick with people that make you feel your best.  
  1. Don’t take everything so seriously: Everyone has fantastic days; everyone has horrible days. Often times, I find myself getting worked up about irrelevant issues that will have no effect on me for the future. It is most important to learn from mistakes and failures and simply work for the future. Past results cannot be changed, but future ones can! 
  1. Do something new: By this point in the year, you have probably established your everyday routine. But these often get old and boring. So, do something out of the box that freshens things up. Maybe take a walk on the beach on your way home, surprise your family with a meal, buy an unexpected gift for your friend. These small acts will add something new and exciting to your day.  

I hope these tips helped you out! As hard as it may seem sometimes, every day is a gift. When you are an old little lady, you will want to remember the good old days in middle and high school. So enjoy the ride, do your best, and be kind! Good luck on third term everyone!!!