Holiday Traditions of NDA Girls

Holiday Traditions – The Prowler

With this holiday season being strange, I was curious what people’s holiday traditions were, so interviewed a few students and asked, “what are your holiday traditions?” The first student I interviewed was Sandra Ictech ’23 who said, “I usually spend Christmas eve and day in Puerto Rico, with my extended family.” She went on to talk about the Pig roast that they have on Christmas day. I then inquired about what the rest of her holiday break inhales, and she responded by talking about her New Year’s Eve traditions. “we fill a pot with boiling water and pour it out in the back yard as a symbol of like a fresh start. We also eat 12 grapes on New Year’s Eve on the last 12 seconds of the year symbolizing 12 wishes for the next year.

The next student I interviewed was Gabriella Bethoney ’24, who described eating a huge meal at her aunt’s house with her extended family. Sadly because of Covid-19, she will only be able to see her immediate family. I then interviewed Ally Gagne ’22, and asked her about some of her traditions, she described her dad filming her brother and her. Starting every video the same describing the date as December 25thand the year, and then interviewing her and her brother and asking them their age, and filming them opening their presents and ending the video by saying “over and out.” It was so nice to see the difference in how each family celebrates this season, and how excited students are to stick to some traditions in this time of distress.