The Medallion

Aisling McLaughlin ‘23

Aisling McLaughlin ‘23, Editor

Zodiac sign: taurus

Favorite food: pasta, french fries, carbs in general 

Favorite song: You Are In Love by Taylor Swift and Ever Since New York by Harry Styles 

Celebrity crush: Ian Somerhalder from Vampire Diaries 

Favorite hobbies: Irish Dancing, running, scrolling through Pinterest, and binging Netflix  

If you could go any place in the world, where would you go? Paris or Santorini in Greece

Dream job: doctor/surgeon (not sure which specialty)

Favorite moment at NDA so far: singing “Unwritten” on the amphitheater at Heritage Day 2019

What things do you dislike doing? Trying new food, understanding poetry

Fun Fact: I lived in Ireland when I was 2 and 3 

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