Eight Resolutions for 2020

The New Year is officially in full swing! With the New Year among us, it is time to create our own goals and resolutions for 2020. Many of you may have set your own resolutions, or some of you may be struggling to find the perfect one. Keep reading to find inspiration for the perfect 2020 resolutions!

1) Screen Time

Phones and social media are often a distraction. Apps like Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and, Tik Tok consume most of our time. Make a resolution to cut back on screen time to increase your productivity. For iPhone users, the screen time tracker allows you to limit your time overall or for individual apps. Many other apps are available to track your time on your device!

2) Reading

Despite what most of us think, reading can be a great way to pass the time! Next time you go to binge-watch Netflix or watch Tik Toks, go pick up a book! Many great books are available at the NDA library, the bookstore, or your local library. With the right book, you’ll grow a love of reading. This may come in handy for school assignments! Reading is a great activity to start this year! 

3) Water

Busy days at school can often make you forget about drinking water. Late-night homework assignments and less sleep at night increases our need for water. Try to drink more water daily by carrying your water bottle around at school, not just putting it in the side pocket of your backpack. When you see the water on your desk, you’ll remember to take a sip! You can also try to bring some flavor to your water by adding fruits, such as lemons or raspberries. Increased water intake is important to sustain us throughout the day, and the New Year!

4) Bullet Journaling

Schoolwork requires lots of organization. To organize your routine this year, start to keep a bullet journal. Bullet journals are a great way to organize events and track your activity. Decorating your journal can also be therapeutic! For inspiration, run a google search or check out Pinterest for some journal ideas! If bullet journaling doesn’t appeal to you, writing can also be very therapeutic. An alternative could be keeping a journal to write down your thoughts and feelings on paper. Keeping any type of journal is a great way to release stress in 2020!

5) Get Involved

Almost every day at school has the same routine. Change things up by taking the time out of your school day to sign up for events and leadership opportunities this year to get involved in the community! A few opportunities include Campus Ministry outreach and school clubs. Getting involved can be a great way to get to know others in the community and give back to others this year!

6) Current Events

There are many events going on in our world today. As middle school and high school students, we might not be expected to know about what’s happening around the world. However, it’s important to educate ourselves and be in the loop with current events. A few current events include the Australian wildfires, the impeachment trials, and the coronavirus. It is important to know what is happening around us. We could even keep up with the 2020 elections. Although most of us cannot vote in the next election, it is important to educate ourselves about politics to understand the US Government and become well-informed voters in the future. Try to aim for a better understanding of world news in 2020!

7) Change Your Wardrobe

With the emergence of new fashion, it is always great to change out your wardrobe once in a while. Every now and then, try and buy something new and a little out of your comfort zone. Try different stores and styles to add to your fashion collection. Look on Instagram and YouTube for outfit inspiration and buy a few different things the next time your shopping! A new look is great for the New Year!

8) Get Active

I know this is one of the most cliché resolutions, but getting active is so important to get in the habit of doing! It is important to move around and get the recommended 60 minutes per day, or even more! A few ways to increase your activity would be to join a sport, go on nature walks, or to ride your bike more often! To watch your activity, track your daily steps. You can do this with Apple Watches, the Health App on iPhones (with the assumption that you carry your phone with you), or Fitbits. Make sure to stay active this New Year!

After you find the perfect resolution, you have one more resolution to make. This is to follow through with your plan! Stick with your resolution year-round to make the most of 2020!

Good luck with your resolutions and Happy New Year!