Early 2000s Shows Need to Make a Comeback & Here’s Why


Do you ever miss the days of coming home from school and watching iCarly or Drake & Josh on Nickelodeon, or if you were a Disney kid, Hannah Montana or Kim Possible? The shows that are on those channels right now do not even compare to the fabulous shows that we got to experience as children. I did some research to find out what made those shows so good and see what makes the modern shows, well, less than mediocre.

Everyone knows the plot of Hannah Montana, she is just a regular high school student by day, but superstar by night. The plot was simple and easy to follow but also very interesting and kept you on the edge of your seat. But the show did not include much technology at all. The reason why I bring the idea of technology up is that many modern-day shows that are on right now/recently finished airing revolve around new technology including Game Shakers and Victorious. Sure, iCarly does revolve around a web show, but they are not texting/have their face in their phones 24/7.

Another difference I found was the shows today have zero plot. The characters make jokes and laugh at each other’s misfortunes which allegedly engage young children. This leads to kids being mean to one another or being inappropriate. We watched strictly PG shows when we were younger and now everything is made for kids about 7 years or older (that’s what Y7 means)! And, many of the DCOMs (Disney Channel Original Movies) that are made now do not have the same compelling plot of those we had as kids. Some favorites include Princess Protection Program, all 3 High School Musicals, The Cheetah Girls, Jump In and Camp Rock. They had our favorite stars, and again a moving plot.

I interviewed some people to get a census of what their thoughts and ideas were on this subject. Most agreed with my thoughts on the new shows of how they have very boring plots. Carolyn Kennedy ‘22 said, “(They) all have the same cheesy storyline, it’s not realistic, they (writers/creators) need to add more realistic problems”. The characters of the show “try to be cool and use cool words” said Bridget Rushing ‘22. Francesca Campanale ‘21 said that “when you watch them they’re so dumb (for lack of a better term) and don’t make sense. They are always screaming for some reason too. Plots were better in the 2000s.”

Overall, I think we can all agree that shows in the 2000s were totally better than those now.