The Good Times and The Bad Ones: Album Review

On January 15th, 2021, the pop boy band “Why Don’t We” released their first self-written and self-produced studio album. However, this isn’t the first set of music that the boys have put out, it isn’t even the second—the band has put out over 40 songs in the past 4 years that they have been together. Most commonly known as Logan Paul’s band, the boys have resurfaced themselves into becoming the vision band of what they’ve always wanted to be. I agree with many fans calling this an “everything” album, because there are many different messages and that sounds fit into 10 tracks. From teeny bopper boy group to mature pop-rock instrumental band, here is there new album: The Good Times and The Bad Ones.

More Than Just a Boy Band: A Track-by-Track Review of Why Don't We's 'The Good Times and the Bad Ones' - Atwood Magazine

Fallin’ (Adrenaline)

“Fallin’” was the very first track to be released for the album back in late September of 2020. The music video also contained a tribute to Queen. The heavy drums and the guitar lead fans to believe that all their songs on the album would have the same sound until they released “Lotus Inn” a few weeks later.

Best Lyrics: “Let’s just fall in love for the hell of it/Maybе we’ll just keep fallin’”


Slow Down

Besides this track’s beat which was sampled from “1979” by the Smashing Pumpkins, this song is the type that you listen to in the car and jam to with your friends.

Best Lyrics: “Things were so simple way before now, ‘fore now”


Lotus Inn

“Lotus Inn” was the second song that the band released. Fans were very surprised, but excited to see Jonah Marais finally have his moment as the lead in the song, as well as being the star of the music video alongside social media influencer Tessa Brooks. And after seeing the music video I listen to the song as if it were exactly when they keep rewinding the video and redoing all the mistakes they regret at a party.

Best Lyrics: “Tomorrow we can press rewind/ I never want this night to end


Be Myself

Written by Daniel Seavey, this song was made when Jack Avery was going through a  stage of depression and anxiety after a long year of touring in 2019. “Be Myself” is one of the highest rated tracks on the album because of how personal it was to the fans. And personally, if you asked me which song out of the 10 you should listen to first, this one would be my answer.

Best Lyrics: The entire song.


Love Song

Compared to the rest of the album, “Love Song” is more so on the One Direction side of things. Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love that style. If you’ve been a longtime fan, or limelight, you can tell it was written before their switch of sound.

Best Lyrics:“I wrote another love song baby about you/I’ve written one for every second without you”



This. This song right here. “Grey” is a slow, very emotional song with the boys harmonizing, which is their thing. The track is 4:38 minutes, which is very uncommon these days as most people prefer shorter songs. Not sure exactly what it is about the song, but you can hear their connection to it in their voices. And if you need a good cry, “Grey” is the one for you.

Best Lyrics: “I walked away/When you came to stay, oh/Now everything’s grey”


For You

This track is an R&B inspired pop jam. Fans interestingly find this to be one of their more original songs because it sounds similar to their previous music, but I would categorize this as a simple song but with some original twists and beats.

Best Lyrics: “If we’re said and done I know I shouldn’t say that/I still care, but I still care”


I’ll Be Okay

“I’ll Be Okay” is probably one of my personal favorites because of Corbyn Besson and Jack Avery’s singing and how well their higher pitched voices compliment the lyrics. Of all the tracks, this is the one that is stuck in my head, yet I am surprised to see how fans chose other songs as their favorites instead. Easily in the top 3 for me.

Best Lyrics: “We did it for the good times and the bad ones”


Look At Me

Starting off with an iconic wicked laugh from the late Heath Ledger from his role of the Joker in The Dark Knight (2008) and followed by his line “Look at me.” Many fans were very surprised by the dark content in this song, because it is not their usual choice of sound. Also, it is the shortest song on the album at just 1:57 minutes.



I wouldn’t call this album minimalistic, but I would call “Stay” a minimalistic song. You can’t hate it, but it’s definitely not in your top 5. Anyone would ‘like’ this song, that’s all.

Best Lyrics: “I just wish things could be like they used to/But they never will, now I see right through you”

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