Earrings Speak Louder Than Words

I think we can all agree that uniforms are a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that your outfit requires zero preparation or thought, but a curse in that it limits the ways you can express your individuality. This year, I’ve noticed several people adding unique touches to their everyday look. One way? Earrings.

Connaught Riley, a fellow Medallion writer and classmate of mine, embodies individuality through her iconic earrings. I look forward to seeing them every day because they’re always so fun! I decided Connaught’s earrings deserved more recognition, so I started taking pictures of them every day. I have compiled them in the slideshow above, with some of my favorites being the potato crisps and the heart. I also asked Connaught about why she decided to begin an earring collection this year. Here’s what she had to say:

I started wearing fun earrings partway through senior year. After spending almost 3½ years in the uniform I decided that I was sick of wearing the same thing every day. I realized that I didn’t feel like myself in the uniform. The easiest change I could think of was earrings. There were no regulations on our earrings, and it would be easy to find cool ones that are inexpensive.

Connaught’s earrings are one example of how individuality manifests itself in many different ways. Individuality is not limited to just your clothing, and you don’t have to feel limited because of a uniform!