Out of the Blue Gala 2019


Photos by Erin Leone ’21

On Saturday, April 6th, NDA held its annual Out of the Blue Gala, which raised proceeds to help fund the future of both current and eventual students of NDA. The Gala is an incredible event that allows our community to come together to give back. Many other students and I volunteered to help ensure a most successful Gala, and it was a very fun experience to be a part of! Student photograper Erin Leone ’21 encapsulated the excitement of the night with the photographs above. I also asked some student volunteers to share their thoughts on the Gala- read them below!

“The NDA Gala is an amazing opportunity to give back to such a supportive community and meet the people who really care about our futures as both students and women.” -Clare Adamczyk ‘20


“Each year I love the Gala! My family gets so excited to celebrate NDA! Working there was such a great energy, and so much fun! Jenna and Laura did amazing hosting it and everyone who set it up helped it run so smooth! Such a fun night!” -Meaghan Parsons ‘20


“The Gala was a great experience for everyone involved. It was evident that the faculty and staff worked hard to make the Gala a fun and successful event. The whole night was truly empowering and exciting. But the best part was the donations that allow girls futures’ to be transformed.” -Michaela Fay ‘20


“The Out of the Blue Gala is like no other because of the energy and positivity created by not only the faculty and staff organizing the event, but the generous donors as well. By simply attending the Gala, I gained confidence for the future of NDA because of the generous donors and tireless effort that obviously went into this event; and will in no doubt bring about positive change throughout the entire NDA community.” -Maggie Loughnane ’20