Cotillion 2019

This past Friday, the juniors and seniors of NDA gather at Lombardo’s in Randolph for our annual Cotillion. The event started at 6:30 with students climbing the long set of stairs that goes around the iconic chandelier centerpiece. There, we were greeted by the teacher chaperones: Ms. Cunningham, Mrs. Keary, Mrs. Coghlan, Mrs. Copaldo, Mr. Joyce, Officer Sal, Mr. Concannon, and Mr. Rose. Girls dressed in beautiful dresses introduced their dates as well. Many, many photos were taken in the party room and in front of the huge chandelier.

Girls were led through prayer by Student Council then sat down to eat an amazing meal made by the Lombardo’s staff. When the angst to dance started to grow in the atmosphere, the red-ish light that filled the room instantly turned blue, and music started playing. Quickly, many girls changed from heels to the very stylish flip-flop.

I had the amazing opportunity to continue one of my favorite activities at school dances: capturing the memories surrounding everyone by taking photos. In the end, I took over 600 photos, but only 460 were saved.

Students danced to some of the iconic NDA school dance songs: “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”, “Mr. Brightside”, and “Cha Cha Slide”. There were many groups of friends dancing together, dance circles, and of course some dance battles. Even Mr. Rose was the center of a dance circle partway through Cotillion. It was a lot of fun seeing and capturing the different styles of dancing. Most of the time, it was a lot of rhythmic jumping, but there was also lots of coordinated dances and even one slow dance.

At around 10 pm, most of the students had left Lombardo’s to spend the weekend with their friends, and for the girls, to rest their feet. At that time, I also retired the camera for the night. As I watched people leave, my favorite part was the smiles on everyone’s face and the many hugs exchanged between friends. To me, that was a sign to a fun and successful Cotillion.

Finally, on behalf of the student body, we would like to publicly thank all the chaperones and student council once again for organizing a night to remember. Thank you!