Taylor Swift: Artist of the Year

The 2020 AMAs was just held on November 22ndand many deserving artists took home some awards! This year’s artist of the year is one of the most defining artists of the decade, Taylor Swift. Keep reading to look back on the different eras of Swift throughout the years!

Taylor Swift Debut

This era was Tylor Swift’s rise to fame as a country artist when she was just 16 and 17 in 2006. Her album was mainly country, including “Our Song”, and a few track became mainstream pop, most notably “Teardrops on My Guitar” and “Should’ve Said No”. The defining look of the era was Swift’s tight curls and cowboy boots.

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During this era, Swift’s song “You Belong with Me” was playing in every teen girl’s bedroom, peaking at #2 on the billboard charts. She became an iconic meme from one of her most well-known music videos. Her other biggest hits were “Love Story” and “Fifteen”. Swift also started using the number 13 as her lucky number in concert and won a Grammy for Album of the Year. The defining look for this era was Swift’s iconic winged eyeliner and her sparkly dresses.

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Speak Now

In this Swift era, Swift released an album that began to mix country with pop even more. The biggest songs form the album were “Mine”, “Sparks Fly”, and “Back to December”, with “Mine” reaching #3 on the billboard charts. Taylor wrote the entire album. The defining look of the era was Swift’s side braid, lyrics written on her arm, her purple halter dress from the world tour.

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In this new era, Swift almost transitioned over to pop, but there wasn’t much of a label yet. Her biggest hits were “I Knew You Were Trouble”, “Red”, “22”, and “We Are Never Getting Back Together” as her first #1 billboard song. This era was a big change for Swift, with new straight hair and bangs. Her defining looks were her striped shirts and the black fedora.

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This was arguably the most successful era of Taylor Swift. Taylor became an A-List celebrity and even moved to New York City, hence her song “Welcome to New York”. The era had so many radio hits, including “Blank Space”, “Bad Blood”, “Wildest Dreams”, “Style”, and “Shake It Off”. This era was most known for Taylor’s legendary squad, who featured in the Bad Blood music video. The defining looks of this new pop era were her short hair, her crop tops with skater skirts, and her red-carpet outfits.

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This new era shocked fans with a complete Instagram reset and the dark theme. Swift based the era off the harsh criticism she constantly received from the media. In the song “Look What You Made Me Do”, she declared her new persona and that the old Taylor was “dead”. The other biggest hits of the era were “…Ready for It?” and “Delicate”. The world tour for Reputation won an iHeart Radio Award and sold out across the globe, with a Netflix movie made of one of her performances. The defining look for this new era was her black clothes with a darker lipstick.

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This new era of Taylor was much more light-hearted than the previous era, and she showed the snake from reputation changing into butterflies. Although the era’s tour was cancelled due to COVID-19, the new look for Taylor continued for a while. The most successful songs off the album were “Me!”, “Lover”, and “You Need to Calm Down” where she started a petition for the Equality Act. The defining look of the era was pastel colors 70s-inspired outfits.

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This Folklore era is Swift’s most recent. She released the album during quarantine, and it proved to be a massive success. The new era focused on a magical and cozy theme, including images like black and white forests. The biggest hits from the current era are “Cardigan”, “The 1”, and “Exile”. A movie about the recording of the album is was released on Disney + on November 25th. The defining looks of this era are cabin settings, short braided hair, and cardigans.