Podcast Review – “And That’s Why We Drink”


Sometimes to just de-stress after a lot of school work, I like to go to Spotify and just browse different types of music or podcasts. I recently stumbled upon this podcast that is called “And That’s Why We Drink”. There are two people on the podcast: Em and Christine. They are both really into spooky stories and ended up bonding over this so they made a podcast. If you’re like Em then you like ghost stories more, and your drink of choice is a milkshake. Her stories in the podcast consist of haunted houses, jails, and different witches. If you’re more like Christine, then you like true crime. Her stories are more about massacres and serial killers. Her drink of choice is not available for people underage, but she drinks box trader joe’s wine. Some interesting topics that come up are death row last meals if animals can haunt you, and different types of mint chocolate chip. They get off topic a lot, but the things they talk about can get really funny because they are so real and relatable. They can also let you submit different stories or experiences that they can read on the podcast. So, if you’ve ever experienced anything crazy paranormal or been a witness for a crime they would want to hear your story so they can talk about it. There are many plot twists and scary endings, but they’re always thrilling and if you’re into scary things I highly recommend this podcast.