Why Big Time Rush is the Superior Boy Band


  • They collaborated with Snoop Dogg, what other boy band did? Nobody, because Snoop Dogg has taste and wanted to only create the song Boyfriend with them.
  • They had their own tv show that was amazing. The intricacy of the characters such as Guitar Dude really added to the overall entertainment experience.
  • They were unproblematic so were exceptional role models to look up to.
  • The concert experience was out of this world. I may be a little biased because I went to two of their concerts, but I watched in awe as I was breathing the same air as them.
  • One Direction actually opened up for Big Time Rush in their concerts, so remember where you started. No tea no shade…
  • Each one of them had something for everyone, Logan was the nerd, Carlos was the daredevil, James was the dream boy, and Kendall was the star.

I truly hope that they get back together, as Kendall and Carlos have dropped hints about their reunion. Theirs is the only reunion that I care about and will ever care about.