In light of the Jonas Brothers recent comeback, I have taken this opportunity of ranking my 4 favorite Jonas Brother singles and album tracks of all time…   



  1. “When You Look Me in the Eyes”: I clearly remember listening to this song as a 7-year-old while staring out my rainy window pretending I was in a music video. Whenever I would watch the live Hannah Montana concert DVD, in which the Jonas Brothers were featured as the opening act, I would always look forward to the performance of this very melodramatic song. 
  1. “Play My Music”: As a child growing up in one of the heights of the DCOM era, Camp Rock was constantly playing on my TV. Even after it stopped its frequent showings on Disney Channel, the movie still made appearances in my house due to the DVD copy that still sits under my TV even now (just in case somebody feels the need to watch it).  
  1. “S.O.S”: The dramatic tone of this song and music video continue to make this one of my favorite Jonas Brothers songs of all time. It was my favorite diss track before I even knew what a diss track was. Even today it still manages to be one of those songs that just happens to be playing in my car more frequently than I would like to admit.  
  1. “Burnin‘ Up”: One of the most iconic songs of my childhood. I still vividly remember having debates with my family over the lyrics and whether or not the correct lyric was “you turn the temperature higher” or “you turn the temperature hotter” (it was hotter) while it played on Radio Disney. This song also introduced me to the power of a rap feature on a pop song (thanks Big Rob!)  

Honorable mentions for nostalgic purposes: A little bit longer and Hold On  


Album songs:  

  1. “Pushin‘ Me Away”: My favorite song that the Jonas Brothers ever released is still Pushin‘ Me Away. It is incredibly angsty and overdramatic, which earns it a special place in my heart. It also is one of my favorite songs that they ever performed live and on their tour movie. 
  1. “Video girl”l: I always thought that I was really cool while listening to this song and would play it on the aux in my car whenever it was possible. It calls out all the people who try and latch onto their fame, leading it to be a song that has incredibly memorable lyrics that are still relevant in today’s society.  
  1. “That’s just the way we roll”: When I was making this list, I was shocked that this was not actually released as a single. It was one of my favorite songs from my childhood and one of the songs that I immediately remembered all the lyrics to years later. It has such a fun chorus that still holds up today.  
  1. “Inseparable”: Another very dramatic song, but this time it is about a long distance relationship that they are determined to make work. It was definitely one of those songs that I could not relate to as a 7-year-old, but that did not stop me from trying.