First Time to METG Festival


This past weekend, myself and eight other cast members and a tech crew of about 15 participated in the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild (METG) festival competition 2020. The show we performed was “Any Body for Tea?” a show set in 1950’s Louisiana. Six old ladies live in a house across the street from a cute forty-year-old detective in homicide, Dennis O’Finn (played by Helena Lynch ‘20). They like to spend their days using a pair of binoculars spying on him and consequently falling in love. They would *die* to meet him, but they need a way for him to come over! Because it’s 1950’s Louisiana, ladies can’t just invite a gentleman over if they have not been introduced. Their solution? To get a dead body. How do they get a dead body? By killing one of their own. My character (Elizabeth Ellsworth) is the first victim of these lusty ladies. Through a comedic whodunnit, the characters take you on a southern adventure, involving two deaths and a set of broken teacups.

We performed the show for the school at an open dress rehearsal on Thursday, February 27 and performed another show for the school on Thursday, March 5, during the day. Although we were not one of the three schools to move on, we had a blast at the competition and were so excited to share it with other schools.