Uniform Individuality: A Shield of Pride


From the outside looking in, we look the same, act the same, and, most importantly, dress the same! People always jokingly say to me how we’re a “cult” and how everyone looks related, but I disagree. We are a large group of women made up of the strongest and most fearless leaders. Coming from all different religious and racial backgrounds. Working together to build our knowledge and faith. Opening every door that comes our way, no matter how significant the challenge that lies ahead is. Although the uniform makes us look “the same,” I feel it also allows us to show our individuality. When attending a school with a uniform, students can always find ways to show their true selves, without breaking the rules of the student handbook! For many, that’s through backpacks, shoes, hairstyles and colors, accessories, and or jewelry. But I feel the most important to NDA it’s the kilt. Many students have pins and ribbons, which not only illustrate their interests but what they stand for. A majority of us have pink, purple, and green ribbons hung on our kilt, which serves as an everyday reminder to our community and us. Two students who truly embrace the blank canvas that is the kilt are Clare Adamczyk and Clare Kennedy. 

(Left to right) Clare Kennedy and Clare Adamczyk.


Clare Adamczyk’s kilt.

“I have 3 ribbons: pink for breast cancer awareness, purple for Alzheimer’s awareness, and green for Claire Zisserson. I have a Jersey Boys pin because that show is my favorite musical – a show I’ve seen once live and am seeing again this spring. Abigail Fraser gifted me a pin that is a bowl of macaroni 2 Christmases ago because I am the mac to her cheese. I have a Flamenco dancer pin that my friend Izzy brought me back from the NDA Spain trip last February. I have a Nubble Light House pin from my favorite place on earth York, Maine so in moments I can remember what it’s like to not be here in school. I have a David Bowie pin because why not? That man was the essence of interesting. And lastly, I have a pin that just says “pretending to care is so exhausting” which is ironic because people talk to me about so much and I listen so much, but sometimes you just need some sarcasm in your life.”


Clare Kennedy’s kilt.

“I have my Tri-M and Thespian Honors societies pins. A Spain pin from when I went there with NDA on February vacation last year. A mermaid pin because I think mermaids are the coolest. I have a Come From Away pin because it’s my favorite musical. I’ve seen the show three times and love the story it tells and this pin reminds me to be kind always like the people of Gander. I have a pin that was gifted to me by Clare Adamczyk that say’s “Clare Squared.” And finally, I have a green ribbon for Claire Zisserson, who passed away earlier this year.”