Thanksgivings Around the World


In America, we celebrate Thanksgiving in November, with traditions ranging from watching football to eating lots and lots of food. We use this holiday as a chance to be thankful for what we have, like our friends and family. However, many countries celebrate some expression of their own Thanksgiving; for example, Malaysia, Korea, Ghana, and India. While the traditions may differ, the central message- be thankful- is the same.

Malaysia: In Malaysia, the Kadazan Festival celebrates the harvest of rice in May. In Malaysia, rice is a major staple, so they celebrate the harvest with buffalo races and food.

Korea: In Korea, the Chuseok festival also celebrates the harvest, but it also involves the respect of elders and the celebration of ancestors. During this festival, people visit the graves of relatives and give thanks with traditional food.

Ghana: In Ghana, Homowo celebrates thanksgiving for the harvest, and also the hope that the same crops come the next year. Specifically, it celebrates the yam harvest. This is celebrated through song, dance, and yams.

Germany: In Germany, Erntedankfest is a religious Christian thanksgiving, in which people give thanks for the harvest. It is celebrated with church services, service, and traditional food, much of it like the foods for American thanksgiving.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Source: Haynes, Kelsey. “Gobble Up These 7 Thanksgiving Traditions Around the World.” GoAbroad.Com. 5 Nov. 2016. Accessed 27 Nov. 2019.