Why I Love Halloween 


Ever since I was a little kid, I have loved Halloween. I always get so excited when October approaches because I know I will be able to decide on my costume for that year. For me, Heritage day is a mini Halloween, because I always dress up. For example, this year I was a clown and last year I went as Damien from Mean Girls from the “she doesn’t even go here” scene. Since I have a little brother, I got a few extra years that I was able to go trick-or-treating. We even did matching costumes one year! The past few years I have been giving out candy to the kids that come to our house on Halloween. Even though I am not going trick-or-treating, I still dress up every year because the kids always enjoy it! One year I painted on a fake beard and tucked my hair inside a hat to be a boy. Another year, I put on some crazy makeup and put my hair straight up to be an alien! This year, I think I am going to reuse my clown costume and put on my clown wig (hopefully I will not scare the kids!). I love Halloween because it is a time where people can express themselves creatively and show what there interests! I love to hear the inspiration behind costumes because I think that it is so cool to hear the thought process behind what a person chooses to dress up as. I have spent endless hours watching makeup tutorials on how to transform yourself into a terrifying monster, even though I would never be able to replicate the look, just because I like the creativity that people have when it comes to Halloween! I really hope everyone dresses up at NDA this year because I know my friends and I have already started to plan our costumes and we are so excited!