How to Make a Spotify Profile that Your Friends Will Want to Follow

The Music:

Most people would agree that a person’s music taste can say more about them than any interview question or bullet-pointed résumé. While some can identify with one genre of music, others jump around to different styles and sounds to create their own musical identity. Spotify allows listeners to create playlists with songs from different genres and artists to create sonically cohesive playlists. Others choose to throw songs haphazardly into playlists based on what they’re currently into. It makes sense that this category would be the most varied, as everyone has their own music tastes. Spotify gives users the option to make “secret” playlists and use “private sessions” to hide what they’re listening to from their friends. My advice? Don’t try to hide it, share the music you love with the people you love!

The Playlist Titles:

This is possibly the least varied category of the four. You can typically find that users choose one of two options when it comes to playlist titles. There’s the dead-set description of the music inside, such as naming a playlist “Christmas Songs”, and then there’s the 10-word anecdotes and random sayings. My own playlist titles vary from “khalid” to “what if rich, white, straight men didn’t rule the world”. As you can see, it’s all about freedom of expression. In my opinion, the best playlists draw you in with an interesting title that still gives you a sense of what you’re about to hear.

The Playlist Descriptions:

Spotify provides a space of 300 characters to add descriptions to your playlists. Many Spotify users opt out of playlist descriptions, but I believe it’s just one more way to add personality to your profile. While some opt out completely, others use this space to literally write a description about the music you might find in the playlist, and even more use this option to continue the randomness that is their playlist title. An example from my profile is under my playlist titled “5 dollar hot wings” in which the description is “except I only have 2 dollars and spicy food hurts my tummy”. It’s random, it’s fun, and it’s probably never going to be read by anyone, so go crazy with it.

The Playlist Covers:

Perhaps the most important factor in creating a Spotify profile that people will want to follow is the playlist cover. The streaming service allows users to attach pictures to their playlists as a way to customize the platform. For some, that means finding images that match the mood of the songs inside. For many others, it means creating a theme with all of their different playlists. The choice to create a theme makes for an aesthetically pleasing page, but it’s all about personal preference when it comes to crafting your perfect profile!

Now that you’ve seen the criteria of a good Spotify profile, let’s review some of my friends’!


Melina Khan has chosen to use the theme-oriented playlist cover approach. I personally love the bright colors and patterns of this theme, and it tells me a lot about her artistic style. Her playlist titles lean towards descriptive, but they’re still fun and many of them match the cover photos. Melina has opted in to playlist descriptions, and they add a little extra spunk to her profile. Overall 8/10, good aesthetic.


Mikaela Locke’s profile tells me one big thing in particular: she likes the ocean. While this may not clue me into what kind of music she has in her playlists, it makes for a pretty cool theme. Her playlist titles tell me that no matter which one I open, I better be prepared to do something with Mikaela. These are fun approaches to titling that contribute to her own style, and I get a pretty good sense of what I will find in each playlist based on the title. Mikaela has opted out of providing descriptions, but this really doesn’t take away from her profile’s aesthetic. 7/10, I’m scared of sharks.


Sophia Roukounakis has chosen a very unique theme. It gives us the cute, pastel look while invoking my nostalgia over the PowerPuff Girls. My only issue with this theme is that the pinks don’t match, but that’s just me being picky. Her playlist titles are simple, yet creative. She uses playlist descriptions to tell us more about the songs she includes in her playlists.

6/10, #more #Buttercup #representation


What’s this? The perfect Spotify profile? The use of cute animals, a pretty filter, intriguing playlist titles, AND creative descriptions? This person definitely deserves a 10/10, whoever they are.