The Best Ways To Spend This Summer

People, summer is right around the corner. After April break we’re honestly just a few final exams and projects away from June 11- when we can all take a huge collective sigh of relief. While a lot of us probably do have insanely busy summers, with not a lot of pure free time (I’m looking at you IB assessments), it’s important that we spend our well-deserved free time the best way we can. This is why I composed a list of the best ways I think you can spend the time you have away from school.


1. Breathe and relax. Ya, breathing. Remember that? I think we can all take a page from Mrs. Laborde’s book and take some time to zentangle and meditate. It’s important that we remind ourselves what it’s like to just do nothing for a little while. It’s refreshing.

2. Ok hear me out. Read something. I know, I’m completely 100% guilty of ignoring the fact that books do in fact exist. However, especially for over the summer, Ms. Kappel is really working hard to compose a list of books that are genuinely interesting for our summer reading. I personally suggested something by Steven King. And while we’re on that note, go see Pet Sematary in theater with some friends because yay for horror movies in April.

3. Do something spontaneous. You know that feeling when you have a completely random urge to do something very specific. I know I’ve wanted to go jump in the ocean or go get ice cream just out of the blue. Act on that at least once. Grab your keys, call a friend, walk out the door – and go for it.

4. Make something. I know this one is vague, but making something (no matter what it is) always makes you feel a little productive, which is a nice feeling to have. Go to the kitchen and make a smoothie. Try painting a sunset. Print a bunch of pictures and make a scrapbook. Write a poem or a song or a story. Find the recipe for that dessert you’ve seen a million times on Pinterest and try to recreate it. Dedicate some of your free time to putting a little effort into making something that you’ll enjoy.

5. And last but not least, sleep. It’s tempting now that we don’t have to wake up at 6 AM to stay up an hour…or two… later than we usually would watching Netflix. It’s important to take care of ourselves and use the time we get to recharge for whatever it is you need to recharge for.


Alright that’s all my day-before-break brain could think of. I’ll see you on the other side of April break for the final stretch!