Movie Review: Five Feet Apart


Do you enjoy being overwhelmed by extreme sadness and love somehow simultaneously? How about spending your evening in a dark theater surrounded by equally emotionally distraught movie-goers? Well then, seeing Five Feet Apart in a theater near you is probably a good way to spend your Friday night this week.

Walking into this movie you will think that you know the saddest possible outcome just from watching the trailer, however, you are wrong. With the combination of Cole Sprouse, Rico from Hannah Montana (Moisés Arias), and an unexpectedly adorable hospital romance- I guarantee you will find yourself laughing, crying, and also sitting in silence for a good five minutes while the credits roll at the end. The story line will keep you on the edge of your seat and constantly contemplating the outcome of your favorite characters. There will be many moments where you want to scream at the screen, nonetheless, I recommend you save that passion for the car ride home. Overall, this movie will hit you right in the heart and you will love (and hate) every second of it.

In all honesty, I would recommend going out to see this movie to anyone who walks by me in the hallway. However, a word of warning- go with at least one person you know you’ll be able to hug at the end of the endeavor that is Five Feet Apart- you will thank me later.