The Golden Globe’s Top 5 Best Dressed Stars


The Golden Globes kick off awards season, which in turn begins the new season of celebrity fashion. Celebrity fashion is rarely boring for the rest of us watching from home in our pajamas. Let’s be real that’s the best way to view every award show! Saoirse Ronan told Ellen DeGeneres, on The Ellen Show the following day, that after Ronan presented, she went to the hotel, changed into pajamas and ate pizza with friends. It’s not just us who appreciates lounging with friends & family for the award shows. And now onto my top looks…

Gemma Chan was rocking the red carpet in this teal romper dress combo from the Valentino Haute Couture line. Chan has been nominated for numerous awards and has yet to win one, but she always nails it on the red carpet.

Lady Gaga, has an iconic style, looked stunning in this periwinkle dress by Valentino Couture. People are speculating it might have been a nod to Judy Garland when she starred in A Star is Born. Either way,Gaga looked fabulous and charmed the audience with her charisma.

Lili Reinhart also looked gorgeous in this red tulle dress by Khyeli Couture. There was irony in her wearing red for her Riverdale fans, who would know red is her character’s archnemesis, Cheryl’s, signature color. Yet, she pulled it off and took the red carpet by a storm.

Darren Criss looked dapper in this floral Dior Homme tuxedo. Many stars make bold fashion choices that Criss has followed in suit with. Criss had a phenomenal night, as he also made historybecause he is the first Filipino American to win a Golden Globe award.

My final favorite look from the night is Julia Roberts in a Stella McCartney pants and dress combo. Roberts is known for looking full glam in her own unique, non-traditional feminine ways. Plus, this outfit is red carpet ready and looks super comfy!

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