Student Council Update


This year so far, student council has played an active role in the NDA community. The school year off with the success of our annual ‘Heritage Day’ celebration and recently we were able to celebrate ‘Merry Monday’. For Heritage Day, it was really fun to be able to plan out the day and participate in the festivities, as always. Next, Giving Tuesday came around and each grade was assigned a different food item to bring in to their home rooms. Our school goal was to collect 804 items in honor of 1804, the year the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur was founded. My homeroom alone brought in 47 cans of pasta and vegetables. Overall, the food drive was a huge success and everyone who brought in items should feel pleased and be proud of the results! The school year is nearly half over and we have plenty of events and upcoming projects for 2019! I hope everyone is looking forward to a happy new year!