Field Hockey in Tournament: Season Update


Field Hockey Seniors 2018

On Saturday, November 3rd, the NDA Varsity Field Hockey Team played against Franklin High School on the NDA turf. This was the team’s first game for the second round of the tournament, as they got a pass in the first round. The team had a great season with a team score of 16-2-1. Every game was immensely packed with action, skill, and team spirit. The stands were always filled with family and friends cheering the players on to victory. They had a fantastic season coached by Coach Tozzi (Varsity Head Coach) and Coach King (Assistant Varsity Coach).

As their tournament game started, they were ready to play like they never played before. In the first 30-minute half, FHS scored their first goal with 3:52 remaining and NDA scored their first one with 1:52 by Caitlin Delano. Watching from the bleachers, it was safe to say that NDA dominated the first half and had many shots on an impressive goalie. NDA’s goaltender, Cara Charette ’20, had many saves. The second half was very intense. Franklin’s second goal was scored during a free shot with 5:05 remaining. They then scored another goal. NDA played their hardest until the buzzer went off. The final score was 1-3. Though it was not a victory for NDA, I have never seen a more dedicated team showing their coaches, fans, and other teams what they have to prove.

As a team member of the JV Field Hockey team, I watched them in practice every day and every game and saw how hard they worked to achieve their goals. Everyone can’t wait to see what varsity has in store for next season. Go Cougars!