Sophomore Retreat: Pray Your Own Way

Last week, the Sophomore class and I went on our Sophomore Retreat. The theme was “Pray Your Own Way.” In this retreat, we learned further about praying to God. We started with a prayer and the Junior retreat team leaders were introduced. We spent the first half of the day in the chapel and split up into small groups, where we met up with our retreat team leaders. My retreat team leader was Amari Gladding. She was very enthusiastic and wanted us to get a true experience of our retreat day.

Like most retreats, we started off with small group bonding games which are always fun. We also performed skits about Bible passages and heard witness talks. Then we moved to Resurrection Church to have lunch, play more games, talk in our small groups about what we learned, and participate in a relaxing meditation. We learned something new about ourselves and how to pray our own way. I think I can speak for the Sophomores in saying it was a good experience to learn about ourselves, how we pray, and forming new friendships.