Uniform Individuality: Lanyards

As of this year at NDA, students are required to wear lanyards around our necks. Recently, I’ve been into making collages for my laptop and my phone screen, so I thought: why not make on for my lanyard? All that is in my lanyard is 3 of my school IDs and a piece of paper that says my name and “Group 8” and I don’t even know what that’s for. Personally, I haven’t heard of any rules that state I can’t spice it up a little bit, so I made a cute collage using Canva and printed it out to insert it on one side of my lanyard so that on the other side my name is still visible.

I think that this is a fun way to express our individuality through our school uniform. I made a few that I like for examples  but also so you can get inspiration for making your own! And feel free to use one of the ones I made 🙂 And if you don’t have access to a printer, you can most definitely draw one or use stickers!

Print size: 2.8 in x 4 in