Through My Own Eyes

The life that I live is something that only I truly know about

It’s my way of life my own way of living my own path that I take and that I choose to take

As I look at the people around me, I realize that they live their own lives too

It’s something rarely considered as we go through our daily tasks

Obviously we know that the others are there, they exist, they have their own thoughts, feelings, opinions, struggles…

But something that rarely crosses my own mind is the concept that they have their own choices and they have to live with those choices just as I do.

They live their own lives separate from mine and everyone else’s

They think about things, they feel things, they dream things, they love things, they love people.

In some ways it’s as if I forget that I’m not the only one truly existing and truly experiencing.

I’m realizing that there are so many more things out of my control than I had ever really come to terms with.

And as I watch my family, friends, neighbors, pets, the strangers in the street, I wonder if they’re thinking the same thing.

– Delaney Carnes