Food Deserts of America

Across the world people experience what is referred to as a “food desert.” By this I mean families across the globe are living in areas without access to a food source like grocery stores or markets. The actual distance away from a food source to be categorized as a food desert varies. Factors that may impact this are the type of area (rural, urban, suburban), a family’s access to a car or mode of transportation, and the population in the area.


In America specifically, many families live in food deserts. What is sadly unsurprising about this issue, is that most of the families living in these conditions are low-income families. Research over many decades has shown the direct correlation between the income of a family and their access to a food source. Research is continuing and projects have begun to provide food pantries and funding to decrease these deserts.


While policies are being implemented to provide food access to more people, the issue itself is not receiving the attention it requires. Even if new organizations can supply families with the food they need, the real issue remains with the gap in family income across the country. I can only expect the gap to increase until something sufficient is done. For now I leave you in hopes that you will spread awareness of so many citizens living without the access they need to a food source, and educate the around you.