A Freshman Perspective on Fall Sports


Playing a fall sport as a freshman was one of the best decisions I could have made to make my transition to NDA as easy as possible. In the summer when I signed up to play volleyball, I had so many doubts. I considered not trying out just to save myself from any extra stress, and once the season started, I thought it was going to be impossible for me to balance the workload. I never would’ve thought volleyball would lead me to where I am now. I wish I could’ve known back then everything that this season had in store because it would’ve saved me from a lot of unnecessary worries. I have met some of the nicest, funniest and most welcoming people through volleyball. I am so grateful that I got to spend my first couple months of school getting to know them and forming friendships outside of the classroom. The social aspect of playing a fall sport helped me TREMENDOUSLY with adjusting to a new school. The end of our freshman season brings many bittersweet memories. I will never forget what this season taught me and how I have developed as a person and a player. There is so much more to playing a team sport than just the game.