What I Wasn’t Expecting From IBDP Year 1


IBDP ’20 (missing a couple) on our IB trip to NYC in October 2018.

We’ve finally reached the end of IBDP year 1. I’ve learned A LOT both in the classroom and out. Above all, though, there’s one thing that stands out the most in my mind. One gift that that DP gave me that I never expected. A family.

From the beginning, the DPers have been through it all together. I remember the first time we all came together at IB orientation last summer. I remember thinking, ok, wow, these are the people that are going to get me through. And I was right.

There’s a unique bond that exists between all of us. ‘Family’ is the only way I can really think to describe it. We are a cohort, a team, a specialized sisterhood all coming from different places and boasting different interests. But going through this crazy journey is what pulls us together. Because we are the only ones who can fully understand what we’re going through.

And don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t use ‘family’ lightly. Because of our schedules, we see each other for most of the day, every day. We know each other very well- our nervous ticks, study habits, sleep schedules. We get sick of each other sometimes. But like a family, we have no choice but to put up with each other.

I’m so grateful for the DPers. I’m grateful for this program bringing us together, because I’ve formed friendships I never would’ve expected but am so thankful for. Above all, I’m grateful because I know I have 14 best friends who will always be in my corner. 14 best friends I never would’ve had without this program.