11 Signs You Were Born in the Wrong Decade


I have decided that there is no way I was supposed to live in this time period. I don’t mesh well with “now” and am constantly longing for “the days” when I was not even alive. This got me thinking about how many people must feel this way about certain aspects of their own lives. And so I provide you with 10 signs you (yes you) may have been born in the wrong decade as well…

1. You just hate everything relating to technology

2. Your favorite bands are from before you were born (you just don’t know any of those songs from the last decade)

3. Polaroid cameras are your go-to

4. You still read… books (a foreign thought I know)

5. Suddenly a jean jacket is the perfect addition to every outfit

6. You spend too much time in thrift stores (just a bit)

7. You’ve tried (and failed) to recreate that hairstyle you’ve convinced yourself can bring back

8. You own a record player (the radio just isn’t cutting it anymore)

9. Typewriters may be your chosen preference for writing (or even a pen and paper *gasp*)

10. Simple text slang has you running to Google (thank the Lord for Urban Dictionary)

11. You have begun house hunting for the mansion of your dreams (Gatsby best watch his back)