Kairos 87


Over February vacation, a group of NDA students and teachers, including myself and Clare, attended the Kairos retreat with a group of students and teachers from BC High. We spent four days in Craigville Beach at a retreat center, where we grew emotionally and spiritually, and made lots of friends in the process. Below are quotes from students who attended Kairos. Check out the photos from our retreat!

“Kairos was an experience that I feel so grateful for. I wish for everyone I know and love to experience something like Kairos. the love and support that the community provides is something that I’m not sure anything else has the potential to create. I would recommend this retreat to anybody and everybody.” -Ainslie Leitao ‘20

“I enjoyed Kairos a lot!! It was truly an escape from reality.  Not having our phones, schoolwork, sports, or anything to distract us allowed us to live in the moment which allowed me to apply this to my everyday life!” -Meaghan Parsons ‘20


“I learned so much about not only myself but my relationship with God and others. I loved everything about this retreat, especially how we got to really retreat from our everyday lives, no school or work or even technology. It was a great opportunity to really live in the moment and appreciate all you have. The memories and friendships with both girls from NDA and boys from BCH will last a lifetime. It was an amazing experience that I would suggest to anyone who has the opportunity.” -Bridget Parsons ’20