Thigh Gaps v Wage Gaps: Who Will Win?

Thigh Gaps v Wage Gaps: Who Will Win?

I was reading an article earlier this week that basically referred to the wage gap as the ‘hottest new trend’ in comparison to superficial things like working for that thigh gap. While reading the words at hand I could only laugh about the things I prioritize in my life when there are far greater ‘trends’ we should be working towards.

Forget those skin-deep things so many people dedicate their lives to fulfilling, according to the Huffington Post, “…nothing says “womanhood” quite like making 78 cents on the dollar.” It goes on to discuss the details of the current wage gap, assuring women everywhere that making less money than a man will make you look just as feminine as having an inch between your legs (a relief I know). Stress yourself out about calories no longer, for this new trend does not care what you eat, just as long as you can buy it with about 80 cents.

Of course, hearing it put this way you can’t help but laugh, but shouldn’t we really be outraged? I mean, this is an article I was reading from 2016, and three years later what has changed? Sure, we see new trends come in on diets and exercise, but for the number of times I see the new dream diet in which you will weigh negative pounds by the end of next year pops up on my Instagram Explore page I would have hoped more could be said for where the gender pay gap stands. We see the discussion happening, but when the action will begin…your bet is as good as mine.

Despite efforts nationwide to actually eliminate the gap, here we stand. Progress has been made, thankfully, since this debacle has been a hot topic since the 60s. However, for every step forward it seems we are no closer to bridging this gap. After the passing of the Equal Pay Act back in 1963 the level of inequality has decreased from 59 cents on the dollar to a whopping… 79 cents. Perhaps we can take comfort that there is a chance in gaining another 20 cents in the next fifty years, but this just does not do it for me. More must to be done now.

With more women in government than ever before there’s some consolation for the decades women have already endured in thinking change will finally happen. Why not shake things up now? Where you’re going should no longer matter on where you’ve been, because where I hope we are going is somewhere we have yet to go before. It is not a matter of politics, but rather a matter of basic human rights. The pros to having equal salaries speak for themselves, but the fact is they should not have to. Enough is enough. No more sitting idly by waiting for change, because the truth is while we are sitting here… nothing is happening. If we are to go places we have not gone before, we first have to mend the gap (you know which one I’m talking about).