Temperature Terror: The Polar Vortex


There is an extra chill in the air this week. News has been circulating about -60º weather in the Midwest. These crazy and unexpected temperatures have had people worried for preparation for the extreme weather. The polar vortex forces people to only be outside for a short amount of time before horrible consequences occur. So, this leads to the question, what actually happens when you are outside for too long in these conditions? Most of the time parts of the body can get red and hurt. However, loss of feeling and lack of color could mean frostbite is occurring. Society as a whole is taking a hit throughout this polar vortex. Many people in the Midwest do not have places to go if their heat goes. In Chicago, hotels are filling as they have become open to the public when people are in need of a place to stay. This deep freeze across the country has had detrimental effects on those in the Northeast and Midwest. There have been at least 9 reported weather-related deaths across the country. There were more than three thousand flight cancellations and delays. South Dakota faced -25º and Minneapolis had -27º. Chicago companies and offices had most people stay home which resulted in the city becoming a ghost-town as streets were bare.

So, is climate change to blame for this frigid weather? Mostly when people hear the term “climate change” they think of global temperatures rising. However, science backs up the theory that climate change is actually the reason that temperatures in these areas are dropping. The poles are warming at a rate of two degrees more than the rest of the world. This moves the cold air masses southward towards Europe and the U.S. Elucidating why temperatures are so bazaar in these areas. Think of it as a ripple effect: when a rock is dropped in water, ripples are created and water around the area is affected. The connection between climate change and colder weather is still being researched by scientists. It is also important to stay safe on the road as there have been many accidents related to weather this week!

Source: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/polar-vortex-what-is-the-2019-polar-vortex-weather-event-and-is-global-warming-to-blame/