How to Stay Calm When School Is Stressful

How to Stay Calm When School Is Stressful

Happy New Year, everyone! Now that we’re back to school and midterms are coming, here are some tips for how to stay stress-free when school gets crazy! 

Know that you are more important than your grades.
Your mental health is more important than your academic performance. You have to take care of yourself to be able to do well! Make sure to get lots of rest. It’ll help you be more prepared for a school day, and especially if you have a test or quiz that day.  

Plan out your homework and studying.
If you have a big assignment, try to make sure you don’t start it at the last minute. Even starting it a few days before the due date can help! You can also do this with studying, spacing it out a couple days before the test. It’ll save you the stress and probably have a better grade. 

Keep goals and focus on them.
If you have a goal in mind, it’ll help you stay a lot more focused. If you’re reading a book for English and it’s 150 pages, start early. Make it a goal to read only 10 pages a night and start 15 days early. Reward yourself after and relax! It’ll help you focus even more the next time. 

Good luck in 2019!