Staying Sane this Holiday Season

The impending holidays create a hectic time, as we are rushing around in order to prepare for the exciting and overwhelming season that’s coming. School or work can become particularly crazy before beginning vacation, in addition to holiday parties and connecting with friends. So we’d like to share some tips on how you can stay sane as the chaos ensues this holiday season.

1.  Rest Yourself

Sleep, please… please… please… sleep. Germs are infamous for spreading rapidly this time of year and lack of sleep makes you more susceptible to catch a cold. Therefore, sleep is an essential piece of staying healthy during the holidays.

2.  Take Care of Yourself

The holidays are all about giving, so why not enjoy a self-care night for yourself. Plus, you can’t be the best version of yourself if you are burnt out. Maybe try: lighting a candle, taking a bath, going to bed early, watching an episode (or maybe 3 episodes, let’s be honest) of your favorite show, or just taking time to catch up with friends.

3.  Live in the Moment

Be. Present.  Even though the holidays can bring about stress, embrace it. There isn’t another season that’s as festive as the winter holiday season is. Plus, there is a lot of fun to be had with family and friends when you are mindfully enjoying your time with them.

4.  Give Back

Volunteer! Giving back during this season humbles you while you are able to help those who are less fortunate. An activity like this roots us in the “reason for the season.” Events will be happening throughout Christmas. Your support can be as simple as donating a few dollars to The Salvation Army or volunteering an afternoon of your talent and time at a shelter, food pantry or nursing home.

5.  B R E A T H E !

Enjoy the season, by doing all of these things hopefully you can remember to breathe. This magical season only comes around once a year so enjoy it… there are too many exciting things happening around us not to!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

The Medallion Staff