Koffee with Kendall #1


Hi, everyone, this is Kendall and I’m so excited for my first ever Koffee with Kendall! I recently went to New York with some of the fabulous girls of the Notre Dame community and of course I had to buy an overpriced coffee. The location was a busy French café named Pret a Manger. As soon as I walked in I saw the impressive Pumpkin Spice Latte sign and my face lit up immediately. I went in line and rehearsed my order a million times in my head, making sure to ask if they had the iced version of the latte. As one could imagine, I did forget to ask for an iced pumpkin latte. Such a rare sighting, Kendall with a HOT coffee. I added a little bit of soy milk being scared of burning my tongue off. Once I built up the courage to take a sip, I was surprised at the perfect temperature of the coffee. It didn’t taste bitter, but on the sweet side instead. There was a hint of pumpkin spice but in my opinion, there wasn’t enough. My only other criticism is that the texture got a little grainy as you got closer to the bottom- personally, I like my coffee smooth and creamy.

Overall, I rate this experience a 7/10!