Teacher Interview: Ms. Kappel

Ms. Kappel is an English teacher who is currently teaching IB Literature HL and is the head of the English department. Emma Montefusco ’20 caught up with her and asked her some compelling questions. Check out her interview below.

What were you like in high school?

I won the most musical superlative – I played the violin, piano, sang, and was co-president of theater club. I was mostly positive, but I found it challenging. I found college easier than high school. I’m still good friends with my high school best friends.

What made you choose English as an occupation?

I majored in English and love books, and I am continuing my studies now while I am teaching. I also think writing is an important skill that can be used in every job.

If you could get rid of one state, which one would you choose and why?

I would make the North and South Dakotas merge into one, because it is the same cultural and regional area and there’s not lots of distinction between people from North and South.

If you were given $10 million right now what’s the first thing you’d do with it?

First, I would pay off my grad school loans. I would buy a bigger house then save the rest or invest it. Maybe, if there was enough left over, I would buy a private jet to avoid airports.

How has IB changed your teaching style?

One difference in IB is the integration of global pieces from other countries, which allows us to relate to and learn from other cultures.

Where do you hope to get your classes by the end of the semester?

I hope to get us comfortable to present individually, and in general, planned and improvised.