IB Classes in NYC: Video Recap


On October 24, IB students in Business, Global Politics, Theatre classes embarked on a two-day trip to New York. We arrived in New York by noon, after a five-hour bus ride from South Station in Boston. After, we dropped our bags at the hotel and grabbed lunch from Open Kitchen. Open Kitchen is an upscale cafeteria-style eatery with lots of options to please any hungry city goer. From Open Kitchen, we walked to the United Nations (UN) to celebrate UN day. We had the amazing opportunity to meet Sister Amarachi, the Sister of Notre Dame de Namur who represents the organization at the UN. She gave a talk about the Sisters’ work at the UN including the key components of collaboration. After visiting with Sister Amarachi, we walked to Tony Di Napoli’s, a delicious Italian restaurant near Times Square, for dinner. We ate an exquisite three-course Italian meal that filled us up before heading to see Come From Away on Broadway. The show tells the story of passengers stranded in Newfoundland, just above Canada, when all flights were diverted after the events that occurred on September 11, 2001. Come From Away was the first Broadway show that many in our group had the opportunity to see, which is an incredible experience and memory. The show was exquisitely done and was even nominated for several Tony awards in 2017. We returned to the Stewart Hotel, right across the street from the infamous Madison Square Garden, where we spent the night. The staff was incredibly sweet and accommodated our big group with ease.  

We woke up the next morning, got ready, and went down to the lobby to meet everyone else and get breakfast. After fueling ourselves with coffee, we embarked on getting 30 plus people on the New York Subway successfully. We boarded the Subway and were off to Wall Street in no time. Our group took a tour of Wall Street and the surrounding area, to see the history and the landmarks. Despite the cold, New York’s financial district was bustling per usual. We then returned to the Subway station to make our way back to the Stewart Hotel. Our group was then allotted time to choose a lunch option in the surrounding area. There were great options including New York style pizza, Pret A Manger, and Five Guys within a two-minute walk of the hotel. After lunch, we met the bus which we rode back to Boston. 

This trip was insightful and connected to the IB classes girls in Global Politics, Business, and Theatre. It also connected all the classes and informed us of three of the incredibly important districts in New York. I hope you have the opportunity to explore New York soon like we did because it’s a blast!