Heritage Day 2017

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Every year, around the middle of October, the NDA community takes a break from the usual school activities. Classes, tests, and homework are put on hold to celebrate something that is just as important as what is taught in the classroom. Heritage Day is a day of celebration, appreciation, and togetherness in our community. Looking across the auditorium during the annual Talent Show or during the morning’s Liturgy, the variety of colors is striking. Each class proudly wears a different color, and awards are given out to girls with the most impressive costumes. From grapes to Cheetos, to a school bus, the outfits that were worn by the students only give a glimpse of their creativity in and out of the classroom. Also celebrated on Heritage Day is the talent of our community in the yearly Talent Show. There are always numerous girls that perform, whether they sing, play the piano, or do a group act. This year, however, the student body was surprised to see a large white screen emerge from behind the curtain after the conclusion of the acts. The teachers reciprocated the creativity by showing a video that they made, demonstrating what they might be doing after the students leave NDA. Adding to the outdoor activities was a series of tug-of-war competitions between teachers and different grades. Coming out on top was the eighth grade, sophomore, and senior class in their respective competitions, with the sophomores also beating the teachers. Between tug-of-war, the DJ, and an obstacle course, there were a variety of ways in which to participate in this year’s festivities. Heritage Day is a celebration of the history of NDA, but it is also a celebration of the students, staff, and faculty that make NDA so special!

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