This Is Who I Wanna Be

Society, like a private association formed to write what each of us is meant for;

Who we are, what we will be, where we will go in life.

Girls, like any ordinary objects in society are undermined, overlooked and misunderstood.

Just a girl.


A girl, straight A’s, smartest in her class, in their eyes she will always be

“a nerd.”

Now she must study even harder, faster, longer to be the genius they all think she is.

A girl, stylish friendly, attractive and inspiring, society has her as

“a fashionista.”

Always looking good, never resting or she’ll never be accepted.

A girl, shy and reserved, timidly quiet, she is labeled the

“nervous girl.”

And as society sees it, she has nothing to say, no opinion, no voice, she is a perplexing mystery.

A girl, expressive and creative, inspirational without words, this girl is the “artsy one.”

Society believes that she thinks different from the others. Just because she expresses herself through the arts means she won’t always be encouraged by her world.

Just a girl, bold and unique, confident in herself.

This girl is considered many things, not beautiful or inspiring to society.

Too weird, too independent, too much for them to handle.

For her society, my society, our society does not see that on the inside of this girl, is the personality to inspire everyone around her, the words to rewrite her future.

Society does not yet know that this girl may carry the scheme written to redevelop our lost world.

They do not yet understand that deep inside this girl is more than just a labeled object belonging to one predetermined category.

They do not yet accept that this girl may just turn her world around,

without their help.

All she needs… is herself.


A girl can never be king, but she can be a queen better than her king,

She can’t be promised equality, but she can promise the world she will fight for it.

A girl living in society will ignore judgement, but will not stand for it.

Her dreams will become visions for her future.

A girl who has the confidence to make a choice to take a chance to make a change will not be underestimated.

She is the fiercest girl you will ever meet.

She is not one, but all things;

Divergent from the thoughtless stereotypical classification system our society sees is best.

Yet she alone has uncovered for herself, what it means to be…

“just a girl.”

I’m just a girl…

I’m everything I need to be me.

Trying to find my place in this world,

This is who I wanna’ be.