The 2017 Lenten Campaign

As the Easter Season is drawing to a close in the short weeks to come, I would like to highlight the work that Campus Ministry has done to allow students and faculty at Notre Dame to give to others during the season of Lent, in preparation for The Easter Season.

Briefly, Lent is forty days in preparation for Easter where we are encouraged to do the actions of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. In each homeroom at NDA there were two representatives who had a plastic bucket and asked for spare change from students and faculty in the homeroom. At the Ash Wednesday prayer service, students were asked to give up a morning coffee or muffin and put that spare change towards the Lenten Campaign. The prayer service reminded everyone of the spirit of the Lenten season and why we have lent. The money that students and faculty donated went towards helping those in need and creating the elimination of poverty, access to clean water, and food sustainability. These goals were achieved by donating money to the campaign to help pay for resources in foreign countries.


The Lenten campaign also started the “40 days 40 acts” program that started after Ash Wednesday. Each student and faculty member were given bracelets that say “40 Random Acts” on them to remind students of the program. The “40 days 40 acts” program encourages people to take one positive action that changes him or her each day. The campaign says that “acts of kindness, generosity, forgiveness, sacrifice, remembrance and adoration performed through Prayer, Fasting and the Giving of Alms – can change the world, one act at a time”. The “40 days 40 acts” program is meant to prepare people for the Holy week with a changed heart and spirit.


The Lenten Campaign was super successful this season, raising even more money than was raised last year! We have worked together as a school community in preparation for The Easter Season that we are in! But the spirit of Lent should never leave us. There are ways to get involved at NDA to keep the spirit alive! You can help out in other outreach and campaign opportunities, work on a Father Bill’s team, or participate in the various masses! Every small act of kindness that we do is one way we can keep the spirit of Lent alive!


More information about where the money was donated and how it will be used can be found at