Honors Environmental Science Collaborates with St. John’s Prep

NDA’s Honors Environmental Science class has been collaborating with St. John’s Prep throughout this past semester, working on a long-term project with the overarching theme of Food Sustainability. Each small group centered the focus of their research on an individual topic under that theme, such as GMOs or food waste. On Friday, January 6, the boys from SJP came down to NDA for another face-to-face collaboration, after spending months working through Google Drive and communicating only via text or email. Each group presented the PowerPoint they worked on together, showcasing all of the research they had done over the past few months in one impressive presentation. After each group finished going through their slides, students in the audience were encouraged to ask follow-up questions, which sparked some more conversation and discussion. Throughout the day, various other classes passed in and out of the chapel to observe, including Sr. Mary Janice’s Just Choices students and many different science classes. 1:30 pm brought the final presentation to a close, but Mrs. Matthei’s Honors Environmental Science class will continue to collaborate with the SJP boys throughout the rest of the year.