Stop The Stress

You always hear people saying, “I’m so stressed out!” or, “I’m so busy right now!”. The truth is we are always busy, and there is rarely a moment when we have nothing to do or nothing we should be doing. It is easy to get caught up in busy schedules and loads of work, but you can’t let the stress get to you. If you don’t give into it you will end up calmer, more focused and an overall happier and more confident person. Knowing there is the possibility to live your life not only more relaxed, but with a new determined mind set to not let everything get to you, will only do good for your life. There are easy ways to maneuver your way around this stress, here are some…



Take A 10 Minute Walk

Taking a walk, even if just for a quick few minutes, allows you to clear your head and regain focus. This break can help you reflect about what is actually stressing you out, which in reality is never as bad as it seems.




Put On Some Music

Sometimes playing a song can give your brain the break it needs before returning to important work. Playing classical music is known to lower your blood pressure as well as slow your heart rate. Who wouldn’t want to decrease their stress levels by putting on some music?




Be Creative

When you are stressed out studying for example you are only using one side of your brain. try using both for a change. Give that brain a break and make something. It’s true that creativity may cause more stress for some people, but you might surprise and end up relaxing a lot. If this doesn’t work for you at least you have a new homemade treasure.




Use Your Hands

However simple it sounds, it’s proven that the repetitive motions you use with your hands can lower your anxiety. This easy tip focuses your brain on the one thing you are trying to do while expelling excess thoughts from your mind. Try coloring, cooking, knitting or playing a game.




Put Your Phone Down

I know parents are always saying to stop looking at a screen, but they aren’t saying this to be annoying. Putting your screen down sets your attention on what really matters. You can end up feeling great after unplugging from the bigger world for a while.



If none of these work for you try writing about your stress. Visualizing what is causing your stress can help you to realize it’s not all as bad as it seems or maybe help you to figure out what you might need to change. Try going on an outdoor adventure, taking deep breathes or reading your favorite book. Be prepared by making your plans of time and think about the good that happened today, or maybe try mediation. Sometimes just being yourself lowers your stress levels. When you stand up for what you believe in you aren’t concerned about what other people think which is already one less thing to worry about. Confidence causes a high percentage of anxiety which won’t help anybody accomplish what they want to do. Take the first step in stopping stress and just be you.