Looking Back: Michelle Obama’s Impact on The United States

Looking Back: Michelle Obama's Impact on The United States

As election day draws closer, most are focused on the future of our country. However, our country’s past is also important, specifically, the past eight years of The Obama Administration. In addition to the Many major reforms put into action by President Barack Obama, The First Lady Michelle Obama has also impacted The United States of America.

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, born Michelle Robinson, is wife to President Barack Obama and mother to Malia, 18, and Sasha, 15. She graduated from Princeton University with degrees in sociology and African-American studies, and continued her education by receiving her law degree from Harvard Law School. After graduating, she joined a law firm in Chicago, where she met Barack. After marrying him in 1992, she held many different jobs, including positions in the Chicago Chapter of Public Allies and The University of Chicago.

Mrs. Obama continued her service after becoming First Lady. She began by launching the Let’s Move! campaign in 2010, which brings together leaders, educators, and medical professionals in an effort to end childhood obesity. Let’s Move! provides healthy food choices in schools, encourages kids to be more active, urges companies to promote healthier options, and much more. The campaign gives parents the support they need to make healthier choices for their kids.

In 2011, Mrs. Obama and Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden launched Joining Forces, an initiative calling Americans to support soldiers, veterans, and their families in areas such as wellness, education, and job opportunities. Joining Forces helps soldiers, veterans, and their families to have access to important resources needed throughout their lives.

Michelle Obama also created the Reach Higher Initiative in 2014. This program encourages young Americans to complete their college education. The Initiative helps expose students to college and career opportunities, financial aid eligibility, academic planning, summer learning opportunities, and high school counselors that help in the college application process.

In 2015, The First Lady and her husband, launched Let Girls Learn, which aims at helping girls around the world receive an education. Mrs. Obama encourages countries to educate their young women and share the stories of girls who have fought for their education with American students.

Michelle Obama is arguably one of the most powerful First Ladies ever. Not only has she participated in campaigns to help people both nationally and worldwide, but she has become a style icon and inspiration to Americans everywhere. Her impact on our country over the past eight years has helped shape the culture in which you and I have grown up.

She has shown young people that their future holds so much potential. She has given military families and girls worldwide the support they need to keep going. She has stood up for women, children, and African Americans. She has voiced her opinion when she was encouraged not to do so. She has even inspired me to do what I want to do, despite the people and circumstances that tell me I should not.

She has changed our country forever.

Thank you, Michelle Obama.